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My mind goes blank whenever I try to speak to a group of people. Is there any hope for me?
Yes, definitely! Everyone is able to learn public speaking, it is just a matter of practice. With practice you will train your mind to think ahead while you are speaking. It is something everyone can learn.

How long does it take to become a confident speaker?

People vary, but in general terms in about six weeks you would feel comfortable to give a short presentation to a group. Within three months you would be able to give a much more challenging presentation.

Aren’t new speakers nervous in front of so many experienced speakers?
Yes, most are, but that is okay. Everyone, including the most experienced of speakers, remembers their own nervous start in public speaking. You will never find a more encouraging audience.

How would I measure my progress?
Banyandah Toastmasters uses the structured Toastmasters learning program. The first manual consists of ten graded exercises beginning with simple tasks and gradually working up. Once you are comfortable speaking in front of an audience there is scope for learning advanced speaking techniques.

Will I be learning on my own?
No. At Banyandah Toastmasters all new speakers are assigned a Mentor, an experienced speaker who helps a new speaker through the training program. After each exercise an Evaluator gives positive and helpful feedback.

Who can participate?
Banyandah Toastmasters is open to anyone 18 years or over.

If I visit Banyandah Toastmasters will I have to stand up and speak?
No. Visitors are invited to Banyandah Toastmasters to see how we train people in public speaking skills, visitors are not required to participate, but there is the opportunity if they feel comfortable

Is it expensive?
No. Banyandah Toastmasters is extremely affordable. It is easily the most cost-effective way to develop confident public speaking skills. The once-only joining fee is $30.00 and the ongoing cost is $65.00 for six months membership. Visitors are welcome to attend a meeting for no cost

How can I get more information?

Call Liz on 0417 968 179

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