Banyandah International Speech & Evaluation Contest 2020 Shows the Best of the Best

Contest Chair Marcus Yong with contestants Liz Fisher & Sarah Duxbury.  Sarah and Liz wowed us with their speeches about the scourge of Diabetes and changing Stranger Danger to Safety Rules.  Well Liz ruled on the night taking out the first place, but both Liz and Sarah will be competing at our Area N 23 final on Tuesday 21 April at the Guerrilla Establishment, East Perth. Congratulations to our contestants.

Banyandah Toastmasters Open House Meeting on 24 February a great success

At our Open House Meeting on Monday 24 February we had a great meeting with 25 in attendance including guests and toastmasters from other clubs and our District Director Kevin Sansom.  Speeches were given by our newest member Jayne Markham who gave us her Icebreaker (first TM speech) where we learnt about her passion for travelling and incredible feat swimming in the Rottnest Channel Swim.  We also heard from the incredibly experienced Liz Fisher who kept us on the edge of our seats with her story telling themed speech titled D for Danger. The evening was capped off by Louise Rowe (pictured) from Louise Rowe Communications who gave us excellent tips and techniques on how to be a Magnificent MC.  She highlighted the importance of bringing levity and generosity in this role as well as how to deal with interrupters.  A fabulous night, great people & super supper!

Perth Public Speaking Training & Course- become more confident this year!!

Don’t delay a minute longer! So many procrastinate with the things they really need to do in life.  Public speaking training is one of those things.  You know what- getting better at it is often not as hard as you think.  But the longer you delay, the longer it will take you to improve.  Ring or email us at Banyandah Toastmasters- Perth’s oldest Toastmasters Club.  Make sure you come along to our next meeting, so you get working on your great asset- your communication skills! Remember you can visit first, even a couple of times and see if our club is for you.

Public Speaking Confidence is building Maylands, Perth & beyond

Banyandah Toastmasters attracts people from Maylands, Kingsley, Bayswater and beyond, but members have been from New Zealand, Korea, Spain, France, China, India and many other countries.  We are pleased to say we help build confidence in Maylands, Mt Lawley and all the countries people are from.  When we live or return to these places we can help these places by improving our own skills and feelings of empowerment.  More confident public speakers can may for more persuasive individuals who can impact things local to global! Come & join us in our quest for self improvement!

Presentations and Public Speaking Beginners to Advanced

At Banyandah Toastmasters, servicing Perth, Maylands, Mt Lawley, Bayswater & all suburbs beyond, we cater for all types of speakers from beginners who are nervous to seriously advanced speakers who either aren’t nervous or who have learnt all the techniques to master it well. We welcome everyone because we know what it’s like to overcome our fear and gradually develop competency through to excellence in presentations, public speaking, leadership and our communication skills.

Public Speaking Training in Perth, Maylands, Mt Lawley, Inglewood, Bedford, Bayswater, Embleton & beyond

Banyandah Toastmasters has been training people from all over Perth in public speaking. We are Perth oldest Toastmasters, public speaking club. Wherever you are from, you are welcome to join us as a guest firstly. Then we hope you are inspired to become a member by seeing our toastmasters who are beginners to advanced public speakers. Come along and watch us in action. Whether you live in Maylands, Mt Lawley, Bayswater or the wider Perth area- you are very welcome.