Public Speaking Confidence is building Maylands, Perth & beyond

Banyandah Toastmasters attracts people from Maylands, Kingsley, Bayswater and beyond, but members have been from New Zealand, Korea, Spain, France, China, India and many other countries.  We are pleased to say we help build confidence in Maylands, Mt Lawley and all the countries people are from.  When we live or return to these places we can help these places by improving our own skills and feelings of empowerment.  More confident public speakers can may for more persuasive individuals who can impact things local to global! Come & join us in our quest for self improvement!

Presentations and Public Speaking Beginners to Advanced

At Banyandah Toastmasters, servicing Perth, Maylands, Mt Lawley, Bayswater & all suburbs beyond, we cater for all types of speakers from beginners who are nervous to seriously advanced speakers who either aren’t nervous or who have learnt all the techniques to master it well. We welcome everyone because we know what it’s like to overcome our fear and gradually develop competency through to excellence in presentations, public speaking, leadership and our communication skills.